The Computer Revolution of the last 25 years has had a significant impact on the world of aviation. GPS, glass cockpits, NextGen, tablets and smartphones, drones, in-cockpit datalinks -- these and other advances made possible by the Computer Revolution are transforming the way we fly. But they are also creating big challenges for the flight training industry. Instructors and trainers still must teach all the material they taught in the pre-glass cockpit era plus all the new material about using glass cockpit technology and the automation that it enables. They must do this while being asked to produce increasing numbers of new professional pilots, while flying in airspace that is increasingly complex and crowded. And they are expected to accomplish all these goals while maintaining high levels of safety and effectiveness.

In order to successfully meet these challenges, the flight training community must truly "up their game." They must take the best practices of the past and marry them to the technologies of the future. Explaining how to make this happen is the purpose of this book.

The first four chapters of this book describe how the Computer Revolution has impacted aviation. These chapters will be useful to all pilots of glass cockpit airplanes, not just instructors and trainers, in helping them learn how to fly their airplanes safely and efficiently. And prospective glass cockpit students will find the chapter on Glass Cockpit Flight Training useful in evaluating their flight training options and planning their flying careers.

To be clear, Glass Cockpit Flight Training is not a tutorial on specific pieces of aviation equipment. For one thing, in today's world of rapidly evolving technology, details about the features, capabilities, and operation of particular pieces of equipment change too rapidly for any book to keep current. Pilots should always look for the details of how to operate their particular make and model of aircraft or avionics box in the latest updated documentation provided by the manufacturer of that equipment. This has always been true and is even more so today, since the operational details of glass cockpit airplanes differ greatly among models and change so rapidly.

Glass Cockpit Flight Training is available online at Amazon as a Kindle e-book.

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